The Mentorship Circle (TMC) Spotlight: Brand Pivot Success, Keelay Carter

Keelay Carter is a blogger and mompreneur, who founded her brand to serve as an outlet for mothers to share their journeys and experiences from different backgrounds through the “Sincerely, Keelay” podcast. Over time, the podcast continued to grow and reached more moms due to it’s relatable content and transparency of each mother’s journey.

“It was in the time of stillness that I found clarity in my journey from God. Through a pandemic, through the heaviest time of the world that I knew racial injustice, homebound, more stress and more anxiety…. God began to connect so many pieces in me turning my pain into purpose,” Keelay stated.

Everything she had been through from childhood to adulthood no longer became shameful for her. She used her own story to share and be transparent with others. As she began to connect with many other women that could relate, not only was she able to inspire them, but in return they inspired her life! She soon realized that her purpose in life was bigger than her own plans.

“The brand pivoted from just being a mom and reaching mom’s through “MOMish” to the “Keelay Carter Experience” which was established and trademarked July 2020,” shared Keelay. The brand is not only her platform, but also a community for women and moms to be inspired and motivated through Keelay’s faith filled journey, to mentoring young girls, in addition to being used as a community outreach platform to women that are less fortunate.

Keelay is a prime example of what it is like to be a “mompreneur”. It can be difficult to balance a business, family, and mental health, but, “with God and prayer anything is possible,” Keelay stated. Her supportive village consists of her husband and family that consistently encourages, uplifts, prays, and speaks life into her and her brand.

At the peak of the global pandemic in 2020, her business was truly impacted due to the cancelation of networking engagements that were planned to help expose the brand more. However, Keelay began to lean on God even more and as she reflected back on the year - she knew he had a plan all along. In her quiet time she was able to hear from God even more and have a deeper understanding of her purpose. In turn, God blessed her with one of her most successful and fulfilling years as a newborn entrepreneur.

“Understanding my purpose and no longer being “busy” but making an impact on their lives. I am truly thankful and grateful for the pivot and the uncomfortable zone that pushed me beyond my limitations, fear and doubt,” shared Keelay.

With the start of the new year in 2021, Keelay believes the Keelay Carter Experience will continue to encourage, uplift and motivate moms/women by continuing to build a community based on a foundation of integrity and non-judgement. In this new year she shares that there will be doing more public speaking, motivational speaking, mentoring, and events that will pour into the hearts of women and mothers.