The Mentorship Circle (TMC) Spotlight: Self-Love Coach, Wasaba SoulQueenWu Sidibay

Love plays a factor when it comes to your mental health, how you carry yourself and how you allow others to treat you. Without self-love you’ll lose sight of your worth which can cause other problems such as depression which in the long run can impact your mental health. Self-Love Coach, Wasaba Sidibay shares insight on her own experience with depression not knowing self-worth but then finding it when she built a healthy relationship with God.

Wasaba (I am everything and lack nothing) Sidibay was born and raised by her mom in Queens, New York with six other siblings. Growing up poor, she went through trials in high school battling with major depression that led to suicidal thoughts with attempts to commit suicide. Wasaba soon realized that she had such more to live for. Never wanting to feel that powerless again, Sidibay made a promise to herself to commit to self-love. Which birthed “I AM HERE COLLECTIVE.”

I AM HERE COLLECTIVE provides self-love coaching and virtual events that consist of affirmations and dialogue series called Convos That Heal . Always being a spiritual person, Wasba came across Iyanla Vanzant who became a huge virtual mentor in her life, due to her talks about affirmations and how your world creates the reality around you.

I AM HERE COLLECTIVE comes from being aware that you exist, and that you are important. Sidibay wanted women to really grasp the meaning and explore what it means to really love yourself which then branded “Self-Love Day.” Once her work grew into a brand by itself, she knew this is exactly what she wanted to do - it was at that moment she decided to take her brand to the next level and get her business licensing.

Who is Wasaba Sidibay? Wasaba is a singer, songwriter, creative, preacher, minister, teacher, writer, and an artist. Her goal is to “ speak truth to the power that's already in us by affirming our inherent worthiness.” Sidibay defines self -love as a healing practice that involves a lifelong commitment; it's about building a nurturing relationship with God, yourself, your purpose and others.

There’s a lot in store for I AM HERE COLLECTIVE. Sidibay has a lot of projects and workshops that she's working on for fall of 2021. But until then, you can always purchase self-love merchandise or schedule a free consultation where she spends time to talk with you by creating a tangible space and atmoshpere for you to let go and discuss exactly what you’re looking for by hiring her as your self-love coach. To stay updated and to hear more about the future events for I AM HERE COLLECTIVE you can follow her on instagram at @soulqueenwu, or you can always visit her website at