The Mentorship Circle (TMC) Spotlight: Inspiring CEO Brittany Jett of Pure Bliss Collectives

“When you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This inspiring quote keeps entrepreneur Brittany Jett motivated. Brittany Jett wants aspiring entrepreneurs to know that the best way to know your idea is the right idea, is when it doesn't feel like work. She knew she found her calling when she was willing to do it just for enjoyment.

Born and raised on the southside of Chicago, Brittany knew the entrepreneur life was for her because she was motivated by the mindset of not wanting to work underneath someone else. As an aspiring entrepreneur, she wanted to put in the same hours that she put into someone else's business into her own.

Graduate from Howard University in 2014, Jett earned her Bachelor's degree in Communications. While in college she studied Print Journalism and minored in Fashion Merchandising. ”Going to an HBCU and being around other black people who were diverse and different from who I was gave me the push I needed to tap into my creativity and use my talents to their full potential,” she stated.

After graduating and moving back to Chicago, Brittany was a teacher for four years. She became a teacher with a desire to give back to those who came from the roughest and toughest neighborhoods. She wanted to teach her students that they can be more than a kid from Chicago, and if they work hard, and stay motivated, they can be whoever they want to be.

”Being a teacher provided me with the work ethic and leadership skills to become a successful entrepreneur,” Brittany mentioned. After teaching, her creativity grew into different gifts, one of those being Pure Bliss Collectives, an event coordinator business. When attending college, she expressed always having an entrepreneurial spirit. Her first business while attending Howard was a jewelry business known as JettJewels, where she made customized jewelry.

Knowing your big WHY for doing anything is what keeps anyone motivated. The big WHY for Brittany was not working for other people, as she aspired to be her boss. She wanted the ability and freedom to run to the beat of her own drum, not having to answer to anyone but herself. For a lot of entrepreneurs, 2020 has been a blessing and a curse when it comes to the pandemic, while some lost their jobs, others created their own. Brittany is one of the ones who created her own, Pure Bliss Collectives.

The most important message that Brittany wants to send to entrepreneurs is to make sure mental health is in check first. Running a business during a pandemic has been a challenge because your home all the time and being home all the time you have to discipline yourself.

“I wanted to make sure I was taking care of my mind and my personal development. So when it's time to do the work you can actually do the work. I wanted to make sure my.prayer life was in order and that my personality and energy aligned with each other.”

The future for Pure Bliss Collectives looks bright. Brittany wants Pure Bliss Collectives to go beyond event decor. She wants to provide interior design to her client's as well as partnering with real estate agencies when it comes to interior design. She's also planning to be an author of her own interior design magazine.