ANJPR Highlights Jasmyne A. Seed for National Publicist Day

Article By: Cache Jackson, ANJPR PR Assistant

Jasmyne A. Seed is the CEO/ Founder of JAS PR based in New York City. JAS PR bloomed in 2018, after Jasmyne graduated from college. Not being able to do many internships due to balancing college and work, she received her first PR internship with fashion publication, Fashion Week Online (FWO)  where she covered New York Fashion Week shows and events. Jasmyne is currently the PR intern with lifestyle, bridal, and fashion PR agency, Coded PR. 

This hands on experience in a fast paced environment, where no day is the same, was super intriguing to me,” stated Jasmyne. I loved the amount of individual creativity and innovative communications ideas that was encouraged in helping brands with visibility and connecting them with their core audience,” she continued.

As a new business owner, Jasmyne created her business with a brand promise to be a genuine champion for her clients beyond just doing it for profit. The foundation of JAS PR was created to  uplift and polish rare gems in the industry by exposing them to the masses in order for her clients  to fully realize their potential. 

“I self identity as an underdog and I just want to set up a launching pad for those like me, who have so much to offer and just need a dedicated team behind them, the right optics, and opportunities,” Jasmyne mentioned.

Having a passion for fashion made it easy for Jasmyne to stay motivated in her career as she always loved fashion. Being able to organically merge the two together made it an easy way for her  to stamp her business. Being motivated by the realm that everything is temporary, Jasmyne is motivated by the idea that everything she’s doing now is a part of building her legacy. 

“To inspire is considered one of the highest human acts and I can’t imagine where I’d be career wise if I didn’t have certain references and people much like, Ashley Johnson,  who created The Mentorship Circle (TMC), willing to pour what they have into me to build on my foundation. I can only aspire to have that same effect on at least one person,” Jasmyne explained.

Being a business owner Jasmyne also enjoys the little things in life such as staying home, watching documentaries and ordering takeout. If she’s not ordering takeout she also like to spend her time reading and giving out a couple of her favorite  book recommendations Trail Blazer: Dorothy Butler Gilliam, Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey, The Spook Who Sat by the Door, and Sacred Woman. 

As far as future plans for JASPR, Jasmyne plans to build her client roster and cultivate a team. Right now she’s a one woman team and hopes to  get a junior publicist assistant, social media managers, and an in-house photographer. Not only that, she also wants to give back by moving into the philanthropy sector and creating a foundation of some sort within the JAS PR brand that combates youth homelessness that plagues NYC, financial literacy courses for all ages,  and food banks- overall paying it forward.

Jasmyne expressed, “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Tap into your potential and your greatness; don’t allow your inexperience or doubt make you low ball yourself. Build up your confidence because entrepreneurship in general is a tough game, you really have to be self assured in your abilities and self disciplined.”