ANJPR Black Music Month:  Chisom Uzosike Talks About His Clothing Brand and New Music

"You Don't Need Experience To Be A Hustler”

This year for Black Music Month, ANJPR is featuring artist Chisom Uzosike. Chisom is a dream-hop artist. producer. and creative director based in the DMV. Since first picking up the mic in 2016, Chisom has quickly built a reputation for his eclectic musical style (and visuals). He aims to bridge the gap between Black and West African culture through music, fashion, and cultural ambassadorship. He is the creative director of CHIEF merchandise, a clothing boutique, and brand that promotes cultural pride, and donates a portion of each sale to develop Africa. When he started making music in 2016, it wasn’t something that he thought of doing, but it was an art that he started to love by accident. While listening to the song, "The World Is Yours" by Nas. “I came across the song The world is yours, and I loved the song so much, I did my research, created something of my own, loved the sound of my voice and just kept going," stated Chisom. In his remake of Jay-z “Girls" Chisom explains the thought process of his version of "Girls". “With "Girls, Girls, Girls" being one of my classical favorites, I just thought of what I would say if I were Jay-Z," he stated. His primary focus when writing music is to bridge the gap between black and West African culture by sticking to the classics. Chisom explains two musical influences that he has in his life, Chance The Rapper and Dom Kennedy. “They are very independent in the way they put out music, they take control of their creative work and don’t own any of the loyalty of their work to anybody,” he continued. Although Chisom is relatively new to the music industry he knows and understands his target audience, he knows what his exact goal is as a musician. “ I want my music to inspire individuality, not being afraid to showcase who you are,” Chisom continued. Being picked on at a young age inspired him to teach people and send the message throughout his music that it’s ok to love who you are.

On the brighter side of the music, he will be releasing his second album that has 14 tracks. In 2017 he came out with his first album “Dream Hot Vol. I”. This year will be a hectic year for Chisom as he’ll be releasing Dream Hot Vol. II, DOJO, and Chocolate city. The message and vision behind all three albums are to touch bases on the ups and downs of relationships, get personal with his listeners, and relate to them musically. Chisom entrepreneur mindset relates him to a jack of all trades not only does he produce, and write his music, but he also does fashion design for his clothing line CHIEF merchandise. When Chisom started CHIEF merchandise, the idea came from a t-shirt that he wore in one of his music videos in early 2018. "I wore a t-shirt with the letter CHIEF in big bold letters. The t-shirt itself generated interest, so I thought what if I made a whole diverse line of those, with accessories, jackets, etc. - then the idea was born." he started. The clothing brand with the idea of creating real merchandise that speaks to his supporters in a different way other than music, "I want to give them good music and lead them to the merchandise," he stated. The idea forCHIEF merchandise was for Chisom to connect with his audience while giving them creative freedom. The bigger picture to this clothing line is that he donates a portion of each sale to "DEVELOP AFRICA." Although he had minimal experience in selling/designing his clothing brand, him having minimum experience pushed him to want to do the clothing brand and do it the right way. Chisom then got himself a retail license so that he’ll be able to sell wholesale while still making music. He also talks about starting a scholarship program for HBCU students who have artistic aspirations. He plans to release his album in August and wants to do a music/clothing tour where he would showcase his clothing designs and new music. To keep up with Chisom, you can follow his website and Africanchisom on Youtube as well as Instagram.