ANJPR Black Music Month: Wammy Award-Winning Artist CVRTER Releases New Single "Amazing"

Wammy Award-Winning Artist CVRTER Releases New Single "Amazing"

By: Cache’ Jackson

ANJPR is excited to celebrate Black Music Month by highlighting DMV's top artist and musicians who are making an influence in the community thru their music and authentic brand. Today, we recognize CVRTER, also known as Anthony, a Miami raised song-writer, producer, and music instrumentalist. CVRTER makes a name for himself by sharing his talent with the world; he first began playing the drums in his great-grandmother’s church when he was five years old. Since then, he’s taken on the piano and bass guitar, which didn’t slow down his interest in vocals and beat production.

CVRTER newest single, Amazing is now available on Apple music, and he explains, "It's a feel-good spirit lifting song that speaks about the goodness that God has already done, and acknowledges his greatness in our lives." CVRTER not only won the DC WAMMY award for the Best Gospel Song; his single Amazing also received four IGAA nomination awards. "The best part of being a creator is seeing the expression and feedback from listeners," stated CVRTER. In a recent interview, he expressed his opinions on one of his most significant musical influencers, Pharrell. "I love his production mind first, and his business mind is amazing too… Pharrell influences a lot of my music," he stated. In addition, he strongly admires Timberland and Ryan Leslie.

CVRTER is currently working on a new project called The Awakening wanting to send a message on the importance of being and staying woke. "I've been driven towards some scriptures in the bible that woke me up and allowed me to see what it is I need to do to be a better me," he stated. CVRTER wants his supporters to know that their awakening doesn't have to be scripture, but it can be a thought or conversation. "Music is what drives millennials. Lyric-wise if I play something catchy in my lyrics, and it's not solely biblical, I feel like they would start repeating it and once they start repeating it, they'll realize, wow I didn't know I was talking about Jesus and that's the whole importance of it," CVRTER expressed.

CVRTER has released a lyrics video and official music video for his new single "Amazing" directed by Malachi E. Robinson. "My overall goal is to let the people know that Jesus Christ isn't wack, that loving God and living a righteous life doesn't mean you can't make mistakes," CVRTER stated.

CVRTER advises those who would like to grow and develop in the music industry the importance of how serious you have to be and always to put God first. "If music is something that you want to do, live for you and not other people, keep God first and remember the people who helped you." CVRTER speaks on the importance of remaining yourself throughout the process, always have an open mind and stay humble at all times. "The best advice I've received was from my father, and it was to remain humble and don't be judgmental, and remaining humbled allowed me to get where I wanted to be, it kept me grounded," CVRTER stated. CVRTER apparel will be available soon. His creative director @thespiritualthug on Instagram, not only comes up with the original designs for his merchandise. But he also comes up with ideas regarding his branding, music videos, and photography. To stay up to date with CVRTER and his team you can visit and follow CVRTER on his Instagram and youtube @cvrtermusiclife.

AMAZING MUSIC VIDEO Written by: Anthony Clark (BMI) and LaRon Moore (ASCAP)