Coaching Services

Join Ashley Johnson in a transformative biz strategy program of a lifetime!

What is it?


Our coaching program is focused on integrated marketing & communications principles and interactive activities in order to increase business revenue, community impact with an healthy personal life balance. Each session is customized to our clients needs with our core focus centered on business and personal development.


What do our clients get from this experience?


To ensure a high quality experience our clients are provided brand assessments to understand business pain-points and opportunities. During our coaching sessions, clients are provided with business playbooks that includes lessons and interactive activities that are instructed. Clients are held accountable with bi-weekly journaling submissions and homework assignments prior to/and after sessions.


Who would benefit from this program?


Our program is ideal for CEO's of start-up businesses or nonprofit and CEO's ready to rebrand! Entrepreneurs struggling to balance work, business and personal life - this program is tailored made for you